"Self confidence grows with knowledge,
training, skills and experience.  Healthy self- confidence is the single
most important attribute for success in your work and life."

 Dr Denis Waitley


Successful Succession

What succession really means and tips for successful implementation

Approx 45 mins plus questions / discussion

Succession is a subject frequently mentioned but infrequently planned for, leaving businesses and their owners in vulnerable positions. Succession is the process of recruiting, training and developing skills in your people to enable them to take on additional responsibilities…even eventually the top job! Move this subject out of the ‘too hard basket’ by hearing Henry speak on how you can successfully plan succession. Learn from Henry’s experiences of working on succession issues in a variety of businesses.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why succession is more about attitude than process.
  • How to go about appraising potential successors.
  • How to handle family members and other staff who are not ready to take over the reins.
  • How to develop succession plans using best practice tools (actual case studies will be presented).
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