"Self confidence grows with knowledge,
training, skills and experience.  Healthy self- confidence is the single
most important attribute for success in your work and life."

 Dr Denis Waitley


Engaging your people - why it matters and how to do it well

Some skills, tools and practices for the modern workplace

Approx 50 mins plus questions / discussion

Many managers say that they can' t find good staff. Lots of staff say they can't find good managers! This talk is not about little tricks but rather an education on the right mindset to ensure you have greater success with what is one of the most challenging tasks, that is, managing your team.

This talk is a must hear for any manager, team leader or supervisor. If you work with people and want to learn new skills to raise the level of engagement, don’t miss the opportunity to hear Henry Blatman speak.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • The seven drivers of people engagement in the workforce.
  • Being ‘tough’ vs being ‘soft’ - when to use which management style.
  • How to conduct a coaching session with your staff and how to tackle the hard issues.
  • How to recruit the right people. How to turn a simple question into a goldmine of information about the candidate.
  • The top 10 tips (learned from Australia’s highest rated employer) to build relationships, community and motivation in your workplace.
  • How to get a team to work together more happily and productively.

Henry brings alive the concepts and ideas with case studies gathered over 15 years of working with many companies and professional organisations improving their leadership, performance and engagement.

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