“I want to uncover what you passionately want. Are you willing to pick yourself up from the hurdles that life in business present to you. Will you stay in the fire of change that burns until your business emerges new more profitable and an even better place to be...”

Henry Blatman


Staff Surveys


  • To have objective data on which to base strategic planning
  • To get ideas and inspiration for the preparation of marketing material
  • To assist with work design
  • To give managers input on what’s important to clients/customers
  • To assist in talented staff retention

What happens

Staff are asked questions relating to various aspects of the business. Most of questions are quantative and some are open ended.

The surveys are usually conducted face to face to enable the interviewer to delve deeper if the answer warrants such an approach. This is not possible with a written or internet survey therefore affecting the quality of the survey results.

The results are summarised in a graphical and written format.

Likely Outcomes

  • Thorough interviews to identify what is perceived to be the strengths of your business and areas for improvement
  • The staff feel they have a forum to air their views whatever they may be
  • Objective findings summarised by an independent outside party
  • Through engagement with the interviewer staff start to see new possibilities for the company and themselve

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