“I want to uncover what you passionately want. Are you willing to pick yourself up from the hurdles that life in business present to you. Will you stay in the fire of change that burns until your business emerges new more profitable and an even better place to be...”

Henry Blatman


Performance Packaging


  • To focus on the performance of everybody in the business, as well as the performance of the business itself with the clients.
  • To give an opportunity for the people in the business to become creative about the service … rather than set in their ways.
  • An opportunity to continually ask ourselves “Why are we doing this?” and “Can we do this better?”


We meet with a selection of your staff and start with what you do now. The number of meetings will depend on the complexity of the performance package. We then define the experience we want the clients/staff to have. We follow with a mapping of the future desired process and an action plan to build the performance package.

Likely Outcomes

  • Improved systems for processing work which leads to greater efficiency
  • To develop a ‘one way’ of doing things. We eradicate the “many ways” within the business.
  • To have the staff more engaged with the processes we are using and therefore able to explain them more readily to others
  • To increase satisfaction of clients with the experience of dealing with your business..

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