“I have known Henry for over four years from the time he was appointed to assist our firm with succession planning. I was impressed with Henry then as he had an extraordinary ability to draw information from people by asking the right question at just about the right time.  

I have been fortunate to find someone like Henry (who I continue to work with) to act as a mentor and professional sounding board. I have found his insights extremely useful.

Jeanette Bentley


One on One Coaching for Managers and Partners


  • To have an independent sounding board who is willing to “talk straight”
  • To give you other options or ideas to assist your decision making
  • To get a focus on outcomes and results


Meet face to face usually once a month with telephone support. First session usually devoted to bringing clarity to the clients objectives. We set measurable and achievable goals that can be assessed over time. Often the context of the coaching will be change processes that have already commenced in your organisation. Each meeting finished with an action sheet which allocates responsibilities and completion dates.

Likely Outcomes

  • To ensure we meet clients’ objectives
  • To provide leadership that enhances the performance of the manager/partner and so your organisation

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