"One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he
no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with
himself as he really is".

Norman Vincent Peale


Self Assessment - Your Courage Barometer

These self-assessments have been designed to have you stop and think. Its an opportunity to explore other options as the questions trigger alternative strategies and actions. Often I have found that if you have available a tool for quiet reflection the answer to your problem will become apparent.

Respond to the following questions with a tick in the Yes or No Columns




1. Are you willing to confront a top performer in the business who continually causes angst among the other staff?



2. Do you tend to blame others if things go wrong?



3. Are you able to easily pass on work to others?



4. Are you willing to risk a relationship for what you truly believe is the right decision for your business?



5. Do you make decisions in a reasonable timeframe?



6. Are you willing to confront a client/customer who continually causes disruption to the way you want to do business?



7. Do you have clarity on the direction of your business?



8. Are you willing to tell a business partner or fellow director/team member clearly how their behaviour is affecting the way you and your team want to work?



9. Do you tend to find it difficult to trust others?



10. If a new way of working is proposed by others are you willing to explore the option?



11. Are you doing different work to what you were doing two years ago?



12. Are your team members doing different work to what they were doing two years ago?



Plot the total of your yes answers on the choice barometer. If you had difficulty-answering yes for most of these questions then you may have underlying issues around fear and therefore problems in making changes that will create the workplace that you want. In any case you ought to discuss your responses with someone else in your organisation to check your perceptions. Who knows where the conversation may lead. Ask yourself when confronted with one of the situations above or similar “what would a leader choose to do? Look for the untapped part of you that is a leader.

Note: I have based these questions on my own experiences as a consultant, coach and researcher. The questions and the responses have not been validated. Use the responses as a guideline to improving your leadership and how people feel about working in your business. If you want to discuss your responses further my contact details are as follows:

Henry Blatman

P 9699 7771

M 0418 581 812

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