Are you a manager that, no matter how hard you try, your days disappear and you can’t seem to make the changes that you envision?

Is most of the change in your business dependent upon you?

Are you concerned that your team isn’t working well together?

Are your clients complaining about the quality or timeliness of your work/service? Do your staff care…?

Hi, I am Henry Blatman principal of ic leadership. If you answered YES to some or all of these questions, you have come to the right place. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the links between human behaviour, leadership and business success. I believe that an important requirement of being a leader is to be able to envision and foster change to something better, and my work has at its very essence a focus on facilitating this change.

As a practitioner, I am constantly searching for and learning about ways to help individuals and business be the best they can be, both financially and personally. I think big for you and your business. What I bring to my work with you is the ability to both see the proverbial ‘Oak tree in the acorn’, as well as getting down into the details of your structure, your numbers, your processes and your systems. I don’t spray you with good ideas and leave you to clean off the muck. I stay with you through the process of creating an even better business.

Your experience of working with me will vary given what the situation requires. When a coaching style is needed, I am encouraging, nurturing, lateral and questioning. When we need to get down to business, I am assertive, no-nonsense, irreverent and will do what it takes to move you forward. The modern leader needs to move and flex his or her behaviour according to each individual situation.

Can I help you? Have a look around this website and discover how I work and the services that I provide that can help answer your questions. Additionally, you can subscribe to my be your best online report to experience my approach to consulting and coaching my clients.

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Hot Topic

“I wish he/she would be more (you fill in the blank)…”

In my work, I constantly hear clients saying that they want someone else to change – a subordinate, a boss, a colleague – so that their lives will be easier, less stressful or enjoyable. But change has to start with you.

Judging other people is an easy fall back position: “If only he/she would …, then I would be able to … “We have no power over anyone but ourselves. That is where your control lies. We need to accept that what we are reacting to is a situation that only we can deal with – not wait for someone else to change first. The situation you find yourself in may be a gift to help you learn, for example, to be more assertive, or to communicate more effectively. It may be that we need to rethink our beliefs about ‘how people should be’, or even that we always assume the worst without really seeing a situation for what it is. Whether you realise is or not, you are always choosing how you are going to view a situation.

For example, your manager gives you feedback on a piece of work. You hear it as criticism and assume that he is belittling you, ‘He’s never happy!’ you say to yourself, and you begrudge reworking the document.

In the same scenario, you actually hear the feedback as your manager’s attempt to maintain a high standard of work in the team and also as a way of developing you. You ask yourself: What can I learn from this?”

Which choice in how you think do you believe is going to be more productive and less stressful.

“Your peace of mind is a thought away” - Collette Glazebrook




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Yana Macaulay has joined the ic leadership team.  Yana works in the office in administration support and we warmly welcome her to the team.

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Peter Grogan has been with ic leadership for over 12 months as a senior consultant. His work has been well received he is making a tremendous difference to our clients businesses. Read Peters bio...

March/April 2011

Lauch of New Brand, Website for ic leadership.  Includes new tools and groups for developing leadership, growth and high levels of work satisfaction. 

Leadership Training for Accountants.

Marketing Plan including Team and Individual to be implemented in professional service firm.

Ongoing leadership and performance coaching for managers and future managers at various businesses

Chair advisory board of Professional Service Firm