"When you put your foot on the start line you know whether you have earned
the right to win the race. If you have not earned the right, why are you putting your foot there?"

Percy Cerutty


How I Work

The focus of my work is to help clients break down the blocks & complexities that hold them back from achieving their full potential. Often the clients will know the issues but are ‘too close to the business’ to be able to move forward alone and make the changes that will relieve the current stresses.

At times just the stress of ‘change’ can stop things from moving forward at all. My role is to unfreeze your organisation and build a road to action and improved results.

Each client I work with is unique and while I apply timeless principles of success, how these principles are applied will vary depending upon the need of the client. As projects develop, I maintain openness and flexibility that allows me to respond with different approaches and navigate a different path if that is necessary.

Data Gathering and Engagement

Asking the right questions and observing people interacting gives deeper insight into the issues facing organisations. The questions have been framed in six key areas of the business that usually cause the biggest issues. These include structure, relationships and direction. The methodology enables actions to be of a much greater impact as we travel below the surface and bring to light an expanded view of what is happening in your organisation.

While conducting face-to-face surveys and in some cases phone surveys with clients I am able to interact with management and the team to get a greater view of your business and your issues. In this I am often able to offer some insights and learning’s that may start changes straight away.

Staff and clients are usually keen to be involved in the surveys as it gives them an opportunity to be heard and confirmation that this time something really is happening.

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It is crucial to take time out to get our thinking clear on where the business is going and how everyone fits in.

We put aside preconceived views about ‘the problem’ and go through a process of working together to achieve clarity on what needs to be done by whom. It’s when we arrive at this point that real progress is made.

We develop a one-page strategic plan that becomes the beacon for everyone in your business. It ensures that, whatever is created, we are all rowing in the same direction. Once there is a clear vision and focus, there will be a lot less ‘noise’ and distraction in the organisation.

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Process Improvement

A process is a series of actions, activities or changes that gets results. This is the ‘how’ to achieving lasting change in your organisation. It gives organisations practical and consistent ways of operating.

Some of the processes we assist with are:

  • Organisational re-structure/Roles and responsibilities
  • Operations systems
  • Customer service systems
  • Performance Packaging Systems (clients)
  • Decision trees to simplify complex business processes

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Once a new process has been developed we induct those who were not involved in the development of the new process/system. This is critical to explain the reasons and explain the process to achieve a team’s buy in to the new way of doing things. If necessary, training is also extended to ‘how to use this system’.

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Implementation and coaching

We will work together, learn together and travel over the bumps in the road.

The important words are learning together. Learning gives you the opportunity to see other options and to make choices. If we see other options and make a different choice we are likely to get a different result.

It is useful to remember that “nothing changes if nothing changes”.

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