"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change".

Charles Darwin



I have posted articles in this section that are the "best of" those I have read over the years.   They are  interesting, thought provoking and likely to lead to positive action.  The articles are in pdf format so that you can download them easily.

The Common Denominators of Success - Albert Gray
Extract - "This inspiring message by Mr. Gray is one of the most timeless pieces of literature and has a great deal of application today" ... Download Article...

Strategy means saying 'no' - David Maister
Extract - "All too often business and in particular professional firms try to please
everybody. Maister discusses how you might get by with this approach but it
unlikely to maintain a real differentiation.  "Strategy is about deciding
whose business you are going to turn away"... Download Article...

Material reprinted from davidmaister.com
Copyright 2001-2006 by David Maister - Used with permission

Change - William Bridges
Extract - "Bridges explains clearly how change is easy.  The challenge comes with transitioning people from the old to the new.  Bridges gives practical tips"... Download Article (Warning: the pdf is 2.3mb) ...