"If they don’t fail outright, most businesses fail to fully achieve their
potential. That’s because the person who owns the business doesn’t truly
know how to build a company that works without him or her.. which is the

Michael Gerber


Bio - Henry J. Blatman

Henry came from a high achieving family and it was his goal to be in business for himself at an early age. He quickly gained promotion as Chartered Accountant and achieved this dream by becoming one of the youngest accountants to be offered a partnership at the age of 24. He became a major player in this practice, the driving force behind the practice achieving a 17.1% average growth over the nine years that he was there. This experience was his baptism of fire. It gave him a real appreciation of what being self-employed is all about...the freedom, the rewards and the responsibilities.

Henry sold his practice seventeen years ago and moved into sales, marketing and consulting. This included becoming the No 1 salesperson and then the marketing director for an Australian software company.

Subsequently Henry joined a national consultancy and managed the professional services group. Henry describes this as one of the most dynamic learning environments he has ever been in as well as the most challenging.

After leaving the consultancy Henry was given the job of establishing a recruitment consultancy from inception. Henry had never been in this industry before. He dug deep and made a commitment to build a successful business and a profitable division of the Communicat Group. He achieved this within 6 months. As well as recruitment Henry provided organizational development consultancy to many businesses and professional practices, which included strategy, team building, performance management and leadership development. During this time Henry successfully completed a postgraduate diploma in organisational change at RMIT University.

Currently Henry is in demand as a leadership and performance coach. He works with managers who want to initate change, resolve conflict, introduce more accountability, improve profitability or generally want to improve the zest and performance in the workplace.

Henry brings over 17 years of consulting and coaching experience and works with small medium professional service firms as well as entrepreneurial family businesses. His clients include many successful businesses who are the leaders in their field of enterprise. Henry's work has included working with SalesForce an Australian success story, which amongst its many achievements was to win No. 1 employer in Australia and New Zealand in 2004/05. (Hewitt Awards)

Henry has a quiet relaxed manner but underneath is a steely determination to bring his systems thinking, dynamic business philosophy and people leadership skills to his clients. Most importantly Henrys clients report significant progress on difficult issues and improved performance in the business.

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